On the big 7-0

I turned 70 last month.  I remain bound and determined to not let it change my perspective or direction.  I signed up to receive Social Security and continued playing golf.  Cynthia arranged a nice birthday party for me at the new house.  What have I learned?

I really am retired.  I spent the last year avoiding being hired as a consultant, which is not difficult.  My supporting infrastructure at Gimmal, particularly Brad Teed and my friends in the industry enabled me to continue in my “synthesist” role.  Without that infrastructure, my expertise is fading away.  This is not a bad thing. 

The things that used to be so important don’t matter as much anymore.  I was always in a hurry, avoiding any down time.  Now, I am much more patient, biding my time.  In search of a project worth committing to.  Still, I look at my email compulsively, always expecting an email to arrive that is really addressed to me.  Old habits die hard and slowly. 

I am committed to building a golf game.  When my dad was in his 60’s and 70’s, he worked constantly toward shooting his age.  I thought it was a crazy idea, because you can’t do it until you are at least 76, and what do you do next.  Now, I am committed to shooting my age at Champions.  I have become my father. 

We bought a big house on the Champions Golf Course that we are redoing after reducing the inside to studs and cement.  This will be the first neighborhood I have lived in since Wroxton in the 90’s.  I am mainly looking forward to it, especially the neighbors part.  (Note that after 50 years, I am leaving the Rice neighborhood.) 

I bought season tickets for 21/22 to Manchester United.  Makes no economic sense, but I want to go to a season of games.  I am looking forward to seeing more of Ken and Grayson in Manchester. 

Hope springs eternal.  I am looking forward to more great adventures.  We have plans in the next year that include the beach in Greece, soccer in Manchester, skiing in Breckenridge, plays on Broadway and London, whale watching at Friday Harbor, and many, many concerts. I hope to connect with y’all along the way.

Mike Alsup

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