I have been working from home for years with my wife, Cynthia. We share an office, so the at home and working part isn’t weird. I use a big monitor, and have a great camera arriving this week to upgrade my Teams/Zoom game. I have been having online meetings and collaborating online for years with a variety of tools. Cynthia’s company was acquired in January (yaay), and she has more responsibility, not less, but they meet on-line all day every day. We have upped our game for wine and food prepared at home (mainly Cynthia). We are up to date on our Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Hulu and HBONow projects.

What is weird is the not at home part. The grocery stores are dystopian. I feel like I am in Children of Men, or World War Z. I am playing golf 3 days per week at Champions. Texas is one of those states that lets people play golf, and the commute time is half of what it was. I feel vaguely guilty about this.

The thing I feel most guilty about is the not sacrificing part. I am generally retired, so my employment is not threatened. I live right beside the world’s best medical center. I see what the grocery and health care people are going through and I feel so badly for them. Many of them are young, so the probabilities are more in their favor than they are for a 69 year old male, but still. I will find a good way to help finance the recovery.

I am wearing gloves and a mask when I leave the house and washing hands when I return. I hope that the country has the time to flatten the curve. For me, this means keeping infections low until better drugs, like the new Gilead drug, get worked through the system and can save people who show up at the emergency room. I hate the reality series politics of it.

I think I will get Covid if I haven’t already, and hope my number isn’t snake eyes. I have had a great run. Will keep you posted.

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