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Events in Office 365

April 25, 2018

Microsoft announced their Event framework for Advanced Data Governance (ADG) this week. Gimmal has been working with them on this capability for the last year, and we believe it adds significant capability to their cloud based governance. Here is a link to a presentation we made with them last year that illustrates a common scenario. An employee is terminated in an organization that uses SAP as its ERP system, Office 365 for document management, and Advanced Data Governance for content governance for Office 365 workloads. When the employee is terminated in SAP HR, all of the documents in SAP related to that user are made final and started through a disposition lifecycle according to organizational policy. This is all made possible through the recently announced ADG event framework from Microsoft.

(our demonstration starts at minute 58:00 of Nishan’s session)

Here is more information about this solution: