Fifteen Years of Gimmal

Fifteen years ago, on or about this date, we founded Gimmal Group, Inc. We grew the company rapidly and won lots of awards. Eventually, we sold to Rubicon Technology Partners in January of this year. Since then, I have had the chance to discuss all this with many of our employees and former employees and all have expressed pride in having been part of our success. Not success in the sense that we grew rapidly or made money, but in the sense that we stayed true to our strategy, mission, and values as a team. We worked through good years and hard years, and we continued to invest in our team and in transforming our business in anticipation of a brighter future.

Our ability to weather the storm and transform our team was a testament to the strength of our squad and we are proud of them and their accomplishments. Our wonderful clients and partners continued to reward us with challenging work and continued opportunity because of our team.

When we began fifteen years ago, we had fairly modest goals for growth that we greatly exceeded. The momentum of Gimmal continues to impress our partners, competitors, clients and friends. We built a company and culture that we can be proud of in every respect. 2017 brings new challenges for us to stand and deliver. Live long and prosper.

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