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Recent Updates at Gimmal and GimmalSoft

October 26, 2011

GimmalSoft certified SharePoint 2010 by the DoD 5015.2 specification, chapters 2 and 5. Here is the DoD 5015.2 certification register. Bruce Miller, a well known consultant and entrepreneur (and a primary original author of the DoD 5015.2 standard) wrote a fine review of our initial product. His site requires that you register to download his report. His other report on SharePoint Records Management is also very interesting.

We announced with Microsoft and Iron Mountain that we are adding physical records management capabilities to SharePoint 2010. General Counsel Magazine indicated that this was a key announcement at the recent ARMA International Conference in Washington DC.

We acquired ERP-Link Corp. They provide certified connectors that enable SAP data to be integrated with SharePoint 2010. They also support connections to retrieve and associate SAP data with the SharePoint objects for purposes of classification and workflow in SharePoint. There are a variety of scenarios where this is very useful.