SharePoint 2010 RM Best Practices

Here is a presentation that I have been working on for SharePoint 2010 RM Best Practices.

Comments are welcome.


2 Responses to “SharePoint 2010 RM Best Practices”

  1. SharePoint Records Management Best Practices Slide Presentation « Says:

    […] if you are currently using SharePoint or plan to deploy it in the future.  You can find the slides here.  Take particular note of some of the best practices Mike discusses that I’ve also mentioned […]

  2. John O'Gorman Says:

    Hey Mike – Long time! This is a really good presentation of some of the issues and solutions in this space, but all of the hiearachies are problematic.

    For example, I am currently engaged in email archiving and RM classification, and I have a question about slide #24: I can see where Litigation is a legitimate Legal retention category, but Contracts is not so easy. Here is my question: can I use ‘Contracts’ as a Category in multiple business Functions? So, for example, could I assign it to be a category under ‘Contract Management’, ‘Human Resources’ and Procurements?

    If not, are you interested in hearing about my approach that would let you do that?


    John O

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