Looking forward to the AIIM Show

I am getting close to 30 AIIM Shows I have attended. I probably missed 2 or 3 in the early 1980’s, but none since then. Even so, looking at the booth layout online, there are some things that stand out for me:

1. Capture is a big deal this year. There are lots of big and small capture vendors. Kodak is there in a tiny booth. Knowledgelake is there in a huge booth by Microsoft, where you would expect them. 15 years ago, Kodak was my barometer for the industry and Knowledgelake didn’t exist.

2. Open Text is there again. I can’t remember the last time they were there. Good to see them back. This could be the Captaris acquisition or other new company.

3. IBM is there in a little booth in the Microsoft pavilion. What is up with that? Is this where the FileNet team that defined the imaging industry ended up?

4. The Microsoft booth is huge when the impact of all of the companies in the Microsoft pavilion is considered. Not surprising with the impending launch of SharePoint 2010. Microsoft still needs to learn when they should “embrace and extend” vs. “rip and replace” based on the industry, prior company investments, actual requirements, etc.

5. There is only one ECM or RM integrator there whose name I recognize. We are on a different path than the people we have competed with in recent years. We are introducing product to extend our services. As Harrison Ford said in Working Girl, “The players change, the game remains the same”.

6. Two credible analyst firms are in attendance, Doculabs and the Real Story Group, once known as CMSWatch. Both are longtime AIIM supporters. Both have added significantly to our understanding of best practices.

7. Alfresco and SpringCM headline the Open Source and SaaS vendors on the floor. Both have strong businesses and business models.

8. I think that Philadelphia is a good venue for AIIM. Close to NYC and Washington DC, as well as Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey. Lots of ECM and RM in the neighborhood. I would still like to see the Show back in NYC, at Javits, but that may be more nostalgia than anything else.

What other things are people looking for at the AIIM Show this year?


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