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8 More Things to Know about SharePoint

September 13, 2009

I wrote this for John Mancini’s Digital Landfill blog on 9/3/2009

1. Most users like SharePoint in spite of some weaknesses.

You already knew this, but strong user preferences for SharePoint sites translate into value in many ways. SharePoint is intuitive, especially after you learn your first SharePoint application. SharePoint provides much more familiarity and consistency through its user interface than competing applications. SharePoint makes it easy to build and administer sites for many types of user groups. Most SharePoint users implement SharePoint in ungoverned sites that give them flexibility and ease of use that are unlike many of their prior deployments of document management or collaborative tools. This favorable response and acceptance is a strength that you can leverage in your SharePoint deployments.

2. SharePoint can do everything — given enough time and resources.