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Hello world!

April 6, 2009

Mike Alsup here.  This is my first post.  Just back from the AIIM Show and I decided that I needed to start blogging about events.  So, here goes:

I thought that the floor was surprisingly good on Wednesday and fairly week on Tuesday.  I spent the most time on the floor on Tuesday because my calendar was booked on Wednesday and I left Thursday morning.  I thought that the Microsoft booth placement and Show-within-a-Show was fairly effective.  I queried vendors on the traffic and on Tuesday they were optimistically negative.  “not very good, but we are hoping it gets better.”  So, the Show wasn’t catastrophic. 


I thought that the advance cynicism of low expectations of some of the larger vendors may effectively doom the continued use by Questex of the AIIM branding.  If it is just new vendors, why would we need AIIM would be their rationale.  Then, it is OnDemand with a smaller ECM trade show and conference trying to make a new name for itself.  I think both sides are hurt by this.  AIIM financially, and Questex because they underestimate the legacy pull of the AIIM Show branding. 


I thought that the AIIM Conference was in no man’s land.  All the good rooms went to OnDemand and the AIIM Conference was in Siberia. 


I have never seen registration as dead as it was on Tuesday at 10:00 AM.  Conceivably, this was because the automation made the walk through that much quicker. 


It was clear that Info360 is the name of the show and conference for next year.  They made no particular bones about this, and would continue to put the “AIIM Conference and Expo” on their material to the financial benefit of AIIM if they perceive that the arrangement is of financial benefit to them. 


I am a fan of the AIIM Banquet, and I am in particular a fan of the dimension of the Banquet celebrating the ECM industry as a place for people to make careers.  However, the marketer in me thinks that the schmaltziness of this year’s banquet would turn off people who AIIM most needs to continue to be engaged in AIIM.  I am thinking of the VP’s of Marketing from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, etc.  I saw way fewer non-AIIM insiders at this year’s event.  This might be bad sampling techniques, but you would have the data. 


I think Philly is a good enough place for the event.  I still want to get the AIIM Show back to NYC.